Neji Freed

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 11:45 -- ESB


" You have sad eyes. Beautiful, but sad.  Like you've seen too much."

          "They are the only windows, no?"


Neji Freed

Television raised me

Lifted me high enough to see

Several different perspectives

But simultaneously kept in a tube



Tunnel vision

That gets a bit skewed

As I slide through endless waves

Channel surfing

On the high frequency

Of death on

The news

Reality shows prove

That script can

Cure boredom

While keeping you hip to new trends

In your  false zen



Twilight hype





Remote control

Your thoughts


Excessively violent



I kind of have this fascination with anime




Sailor Moon

Samurai Champloo

Cowboy BeeBop

Code Geass

And I’ll admit that

I’ve swooned over fictional characters

Like Mugen and Lelouch

Whose lives were rebellions

And served as an escape from the hell I was in


Impressed by

The fantasy

Of dreams realized

And theorized

A hypothesis

There has to be more than this

Turn off the T.V.

And see things like Neji

From Naruto

Near 360


The problem with being me

Is that I can see everything

And articulate it by means of poetry

Though my flow

Always seems just that


I have this gift

That is a curse

Like Hyuga Juinjutsu

A habit

Of looking at all sides

Of this reality

Vision and imaging

Takes over my other senses


When the situation calls for my undivided attention

I tense up

Because even though I see all things clearly

I can’t see an all-consuming entity

Because of those 6 degrees of separation between

What I feel

And what I read.

What is real?

And where ink bleeds from my


Onto pages

That try to explain

To others

Night skies

The depth of colors

And I love you

And so desperately wish to change my point of view

From third person omniscient

To first person present

To receive the gift of feeling

My eyes closed

And mind reeling

And spinning

Until my senses

Are scrambled

I’m finally seeing sounds

Spitting images

And your voice is so sweet

It drips like honey

From your lips

Can I taste your




Maybe thoughts of me?



All the racing and spinning

Has me dizzy

Lost in these


Looking for the very thing

That’s right in front of me

But I can’t find it

Because I’m too busy trying to write it

And I’m hiding behind

My metaphors

And nested between my lines

That attempt to

Connect points of view

To render the big picture

In picture


Just surrender the remote control

T.V.’s useless

I’ve seen too much already

In my mind

Because I have the eyes of Neji

But am ultimately blind


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