Mine Eyes

It hurts.
White on a black background.
They strike up like pale flashes of moonlight in the void of space.
No stars.
The throbbing of a struggling heart.
Where did the pain go?
Its still there.
Dash it.
Drive through it with a stake, I beg you!
Crush it!
Impale it!
Save me!
There is nothing.
The moon waxes and wanes too quickly.
The ground no longer exists.
There is nothing.
Why won't it go away.
A screech, deep and unhoy.
A screech, shrill and threatening.
I cannot hear.
Its too loud.
A chill creeps down my spine.
Its too hot.
My body is freezing.
I can see you now.
Stay with me.
I am all alone.
Stay with me so I can be alone longer.
The moment you leave I will see again.
I know I won't see.
You never leave my side,
Damned beast.
My body hardens.
I am so numb.
Merely a channel.
Longing to be empty.
Like I always was.
Like I always was.
Soft caresses against my skin.
It all hurts.
I am numb.
The flash eclipses my vision.
My eyes that cannot see.
I am afraid.
I am afraid that I can see.
My eyes are wide open so I won't see.
It hurts.
My eyes that cannot really see.
A sound escapes lips that will not open.
Words spill forth.
Words with no meaning.
Nothings that have thousands of words behind them.
It is scalding cold here.


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