The Man With A Cane

January 2008 is a month I will never forget

I woke up expecting another day at school

To only have my vision suddenly change

A curtain had been pulled over my face

And suddenly all I could see from my better eye was nothing but my nose

No carpet, no bed, not even all of my head!


Thoughts and feelings danced around in my brain

Scared? Yes.  Worried? Yes.  Nervous? Yes.

All these thoughts began to sound like rain

But I had to go to school, and be as normal as I could

Lost was what I felt, but else could I do?

I had to rely on others to just make it through


What was wrong with my eye?

I know I had to learn why

Blood is what my doctor saw; red was everywhere

And to make matters worse, the retina had detached

It was going to take at least three surgeries to get this all patched


But courage became my middle name

I know I had to accept this

My life was forever changed

Yet, I was determined to not let my loss of vision win

Positivity became my mantra

When I realized that not everyone could beat this


Reading Braille and using a cane are all a part of a blind man’s game

But I changed the game to show others my inner strength

Judo, Ju-Jitsu and Knowledge Bowl are just the beginning

Through this battle called life my courage is truly winning


I will conquer the world with my brilliant brain

And soon everyone will see me beyond the man with a cane


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