Only Partial Darkness


It’s only partial darkness,

But it’s known the light isn’t complete.

It was not always this way, although there was always a chance it could be

It could be worse, but still it could be better.

Running into things that are not seen

They’re not invisible, they are real, just unseen by me

It can be annoying, but I muster through it

Day by day is different than anyone elses

Do not get me wrong,

People see things differently anyways

But I see it more differently

If I even really see it at all

What is close is far

What is far is close

It is hard to judge,

But I never give up trying

I still pray sometimes

Although less and less

Not out of doubt

No, not out of doubt

My God can do anything.

The words come out less often out of acceptance.

I accept it.

The partial darkness.

I know there is a purpose

Although I cannot see one.

Physically, Spiritually, or Emotionally

See one

Now those prayers for sight come from desperation

From staying up to late letting my mind wonder

And when the devil speaks 

His words full of manipulation

When tears are brought by bruises

From the corner of that table, the nightstand, the doorway

Those prayers are not needed,

But they bring comfort

At least it is only partial darkness

At least there is some light

It could be better, but still it could be worse.


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