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My family not being proud of me My friend loosing her life over a cheater Moving to Texas to leave everything behind To be depressed, weak, and unatural Not seeing my father again 
Have you ever been 13 ready to die ? that the only thing you are commited to is sucide ?    having so much pain that you have to hide ? Not knowing to turn left or right ?   letting a blade determine your fate ?
You took the knife and slit your wrists Saying you didn’t deserve me And no you didn’t but I choose you Like a bird chooses the highest tree To nest in
I keep seeing I keep…..seeing Your eyes Your smile Hearing The way you laugh Thinking of How you talk
Whenever you're down, my best friend, When you feel as though the world is against you, I'll be right there next to you. And when you feel as though nothing matters, Or that your burdens are too heavy,
DEAR SILENT CHAIR I always imagine how perfect you were created, For life and for rest, you were made for many. You carried no harm but yet, you’re treated without respect
Have you ever,Been so in pain,That all of your thoughts,Make you insane?  Do you ever,Lay awake at night,Wishing you would just disapear,From sight?  Are you ever,Just so damn sad,That the thought of death,makes you glad?  Have you ever,Taken a bl
Molly was a little girl Her heart as big as the world she carried life on her shoulders and helped her friends climb over boulders. But when molly reached 17 she began to see
Not mad, sad nor happy Just tried and sleepless. Laying in bed, Just thinking and thinking. My dreams are blurring,
Without a care in the world I stare at the lens in front of me,what has become me Behind the lens you will find the real me, not the one I appear to be It's inside out, without a twist of doubt whats becoming of me, you see
You left gane forever  Was it by accident or choice  No one will ever know You left behinde many people who care  You left me upset and scared Was it because you thought wed be better oof?
He sat there all night and all day/ wishing he hadn't let her go away If only he'd grab her hand and begged/but now his lover is dead
My my another life lost Behind enemy lines Did we do anything? Did we pa their price? Or just watch Watch out loved ones die? We hae lost the ones who gave it all While we did nothing
Last Day   I remember the last day. The last day when I had to leave and you had to stay.
An Exit Ashley Shea A sign upon a door Search for your red sign Take your effortless way out An escape from your despair You take the worlds brutal hits With each wound you quiver
Have you ever felt alone,like no one cares about you? Felt alone even when you where with a bunch of other people?
Silent cries that got ignorged I lost my faith and all the worth in ones self... didnt want to live One cut to the skin I felt the adrenaline rush something like
Humans are like a rose, They have different layers to its texture, It has thorns to hurt those that could hurt it, Comes in different colors for all to love, But even a rose hides its secrets.
My Love goes out to you!
The blade on your wrist, The bottle in your hand, The foot off the ledge, The noose around your neck, Stop, back up, put it down. You have a future, You have a passion, You have a home.
Go put some makeup on; hide behind your mask. Put on your smile every morning; because then they'll never know nor will they ask. Hear what they think; but never what they say.
I'm lost in this world alone. I don't know who I am. Where do i belong? Do I belong in this world? Is my past and present leading to a good future? I really need to find my way! Was I meant to be here?
I’m still sad, I’m still crying.I miss you and I know that I shouldn’t care anymore. But it's so hard to let go . You were my best friend boo and I miss you. I’m not supposed to be thinking about you anymore . 
Your body's getting cold, your lips are turning blue. why did you do it? you're the only one who knew, I see the earth below like the pillow on your bed, no ropes no guns you overdose instead.
Your body's getting cold, your lips are turning blue. why did you do it? you're the only one who knew, I see the earth below like the pillow on your bed, no ropes no guns you overdose instead.
There's never a tomorrow until we choose to fall asleepif we seal the fate with this knife then the death will peakthe blood spills with every second wastedsitting here crying why hath death hasted
It’s really sad when someone feels that death is the only to finally find peace. It felt like I had hit a brick wall when I found out that you had taken your life.
The days are hard, the nights are long, the test is truely, an attempt to stay strong.   When a family attacks, the weakest will fall, in this test of strength, can she beat them all?
People here, people there. People people everywhere. People talking nonstop now, Leaving me out in the crowd. People that are afraid to speak They're like me and feel so weak.
Finished cigarette buds empty beer cans broken hearts and bloody hands there is scornful pain behind these blissful eyes i guess i was just blessed with the gift of lies there is not much to say
I'm driving on a lonely road When the time is no closer to sunrise than the last sunset. My headlights are overshadowed by the darkness surrounding it, And I'm tired-- Tired of feeling no feelings,
What is the meaning of life does it mean walking through every day with strife and in the end taking ones own life? Walking in an empty shell having your feelings swell without any quell?
blurry visions and undefined goals break the ones with the most potential to grow and explode..into something wonderful into something or someone that passes the expectations of the ones who suppressed their creative visions.
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