Go put some makeup on;

hide behind your mask.

Put on your smile every morning;

because then they'll never know nor will they ask.

Hear what they think;

but never what they say.

Act positive at all times;

then cry yourself to sleep.

Wake up, ready to repeat;

but today you're fed up.

Walk out the door;

don't go to school.

Feel the harsh wind;

then a tear runs down your cheek.

You never thought it would come to this;

then again, you always think wrong.

Run away, get away;

they'll never miss you.

Go far away;

and never look back.

In the back of the woods;

pull the cold gun out of your bag.

The frosted steal in your hand;

you stand frozen.

You have second thoughts;

but remember all the nasty names.

Put the gun to your heart;

finger on the trigger.

Breathe in and hold it;

pull the trigger.

Fall to the ground;

let yourself bleed.

Red splatters all around;

will disappear soon enough.

The snow starts to cover you;

the red soon turns to white.

You shiver uncontrollably;

try not to breathe because it hurts.

Whisper your last words;


No one heard them;

no one ever heard you.

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Those last thoughts of a suicide victim. This poem is so powerful and has so much emotion. Keep writing.

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