Dear Silent Chair


I always imagine how perfect you were created,

For life and for rest, you were made for many.

You carried no harm but yet, you’re treated without respect

All you do is sit around quietly, hoping for a friend but yet you experience a lot.

How cruel it will be to see you die a lonely death, without care or pity.

Without parents, you’re claimed by many and without a word your presence is always required.

Without struggle you lose your skin and without freedom you fight for rest.


I always wonder, will you ever fight back?

Will ever grow back your skin? Will you ever express your desire to know more?

You come with so much beauty but yet treated without honor

How happy i would be to see you smile with a family that loves you

How joyous i would sing to see you married

Oh silent chair, why so silent

Speak to me and let justice fight for you.

What child would sit so quiet and suffer this much loneliness.

You’re never alone, yet you reserve your words,

I fear you bring sorrow to yourself, like a sky filled with thunder.

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