The blade on your wrist,

The bottle in your hand,

The foot off the ledge,

The noose around your neck,

Stop, back up, put it down.

You have a future,

You have a passion,

You have a home.

No matter what you think,

You’re truly alive.

You’re not dead inside,


You fluoresce,

With lights as big as the sky,

With hope as large as the earth,

You are a survivor,

Put on this earth for a purpose,

Learn your purpose,

And embrace it.

You will live,

And you will make a difference.

Be the voice of this earth,

Prove that life is worth living,

Learn and love,

Praise and sing.

And if all else fails,

Be yourself,

Because the best thing you are,

is you.

So put the blade down,

Put the pills back,

Step back from the ledge,

Untie the noose,

And show everybody,

What your worth.

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This poem is really good. I think everybody wishes they could stop those people...even though I am one of those people that we try to save. Please read my poems and tell me what you think

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