Suicide Awareness Theme Poem By EpicAngel


Your body's getting cold, your lips are turning blue. why did you do it? you're the only one who knew, I see the earth below like the pillow on your bed, no ropes no guns you overdose instead. The container sits empty cover unscrewed, so many questions but first what did you do? I stood over your body where it laid this is the one night I wish could go away, I pound ground as fast as my heart to beat, I screamed why God? why not me? your mom came and your best friend too I thought to myself what did you do? I stared away hoping that this was a dream when I turned back the person was me. I looked, i took one more glance, tears down my eyes as i saw a body bag. Did i do this to ease my pain? Whatever it was i lost not gain. As i looked at my family i lost all sight, my heart stopped beating because i gave up the fight, whatever you're suffering wrong or right, where there is darkness, there's some form of light.

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