My Love Goes Out To You!


My Love goes out to you!
Yes you, you may not know me but I know you.
You are a young black boy between the ages of 10 and 20
On the outside it looks like you have the perfect life.
But on the inside it is something that is really bothers you.
I just wanted  you to know that I have love for you. 
I wanted you to know because I have lost two close friends that look just like you. They act just like you. And even though they got on my nerves sometimes all my Love went to them because I just wanted them to know that no matter what they Went through that they could tell me. One was of the age of 11 we went to school Together he was suffering with things at school and wasn't being careful and Accidently ended his. So I wear a landyard in his memory. One felt as if he was a burden I guess, same age as me, 19 so I write, sing, laugh, and love in memory of Him. So I want you to know that All my love goes out to you because you are a young African American Male that could be the next Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, or the next great Ali. So I know you probaby tired of me saying this but I just wanted you to know that All My Love Goes Out To You!


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