Words From a Suicidal Survivor

Thu, 04/21/2016 - 17:47 -- Peach


56° 7' 49.3176" N, 106° 20' 48.3756" W

Have you ever,Been so in pain,That all of your thoughts,Make you insane?  Do you ever,Lay awake at night,Wishing you would just disapear,From sight?  Are you ever,Just so damn sad,That the thought of death,makes you glad?  Have you ever,Taken a blade to your skin,And cut so far,That you cant breath in?  Has your blade,Ever gone so deep,That you fall to the floor,In a bloody heap?  Do you know,The sound of screams,And ambulance sirens,With paramedic teams?  Have you ever,Woken up in the hospital,On the cold white sheets,Feeling nothing at all?  Do you realize,How much you are worth??How many people love you,And how they want you here on this earth?  You are loved.People care.You do not have to be,Just a blank stare.   So next time you want to die,Please keep in mind,The people who love you,And how difficult another you would be to find.         


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