Look at me...


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26° 30' 41.238" N, 80° 6' 33.6852" W

blurry visions and undefined goals break the ones with the most potential to grow and explode..into something wonderful into something or someone that passes the expectations of the ones who suppressed their creative visions. the ones screaming at the top of their lungs saying "LOOK AT ME I AM GRAND TALK TO ME I AM KIND LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME DON'T IGNORE MY PLEAS FOR HELP just..please....look and see the scars and wounds that make me me and that still haven't healed because the beast comes and renews the pain and the wounds." blurred visions now clear, goals now fully defines and life finally grown into what things should be. Stop looking now Ive reached my peak and prime .Stop looking I no longer need help. Stop seeking because I no longer need the attention to bad it came at the end of it all.....

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