Why mom?


You left gane forever 

Was it by accident or choice 

No one will ever know

You left behinde many people who care 

You left me upset and scared

Was it because you thought wed be better oof?

Or was it the adiction...

You were better than that 

You wanted more

You could of won the fight 

But you let to fight claim you

Why leave everyone without something?

To many who care 

To many that loved you

They still suffer 

But they have no choice but to go on

to remember all the good times

But yet also what could of been

You meant alot to everyone

So why leave us alone and wondering 

So many good memories we could of had 

But only left with what ifs

Why leave without goodbye

Did you think our life's would be easier with out you?

You were wrong it isn't 

You left us without answers b

But why?



This is all too common a story; my adopted sister wonders the same thing.

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