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Hearing someone cut down another because of their skin coloris like molten lava in my ears.The torture, agony, and the hurt. and yet people think it is okay and they think it is all fun and games until… depression, and suicidal thoughts arise whic
For You If I tore apart my body  For you And you examined my organs Tested my blood  Ripped my skin Piece by piece
  Who We Are   Imagine this Your ancestors living life free, No worries in the world, Until foreigner’s land in your city,
Racism is an everlasting problem that will never end People are blinded  And so close-minded That they will always play pretend
In a far and forgotten realmWhere love never goesAnd smoke instead of The clean air blowsAnd no birds there anymoreJust ash-covered crowsThat is the realmOf unkept hate That wretched soul was warnedBy the author who spoke for peace Because the ide
Admiring his handiwork, he stood Before the wall drenched in paint. They compared him to Banksy; they would Claim he could draw anything, without complaint.   But comparison to anyone was degrading,
Some people think we should move past racism That as a people we should embrace the future Yet that future is blocked Pushed back constantly by our elders
The Gods still live They can be seen everyday If one knows where to look   Artemis is standing in the crowd of feminists Wearing a pink-knit hat Calling for equality  
  I was only a freshman when I knew That life would be tough, and I had some growing up to do. Although I could hang around til dark catching up with my friends
Getting named called from my own fucking community is hard.   Laugh at me For my black shade For my black hair For my black face
We come from a land filled with a loud and colorful noise echoing in the streets; timeless traditions; a love between everyone in the community, regardless of differences.
Today I’m gonna take you all into a world we don’t all know. A world that contains all of Us. A world with its high’s and its lows  
Look at my face Look at This Face   I know her   These thin lips Small eyes Large cheeks   My eyelashes are short But long enough for their purpose
Sitting in the corner of my dark dwelling. Lost in my thoughts. Why I’m I not being cared for? Why I’m I being rejected  By the very people I call family and friends? Is it because I’m blind?
I hate feeling like I have to choose between my country and my race. I haven't said the pledge since Trump has been in office and my heart hurts. My heart bleeds. I love my country.
When did being gay become a sin? To openly love someone of the same sex Or be who you felt your true self is. Why are we the ones in the closet Why aren't you? How is being straight the norm
Its been a hard day A lot of emotions going around I can't stand down I have to say it out loud DON'T SHOOT, DON'T SHOOT I know my hands are down But I would like to stay alive a little longer
All I have to do is follow Follow this girl I wish I could be  Follow the trends I always see I did not know it was wrong to just be me I guess life gets difficult if you decide to grow on your own
Slavery...the practice of forcing an individual to work, With absolutely no pay.Hustling early morning to late night in the fields,With undoubtfully no say.Day by day, the slaves pray,To make it out alive, knowing they must stay. Bull whips constr
where silvery soup cans cracked the pavement, where red juice whined out from containment, sweet fleshy fruit spittled fruits, fresh from private property gardens. where rooms stack like racks,
America, the salvation, the cure, the only country that gives out hope like food store samples Land of the free home of the brave
How do people expect Someone new to this place, To learn the language Without putting sounds to a face. As you get older those things take time. To learn the rules and make things rhyme.
I take a knee In solidarity With my oppressed brothers and sisters For I am not free
You insist this is America You insist we speak American Honey, have you looked at a map lately?
Indians, they smell like curry,  they move their heads when they talk. Chinese people are good at maths, Muslim people are all terrorists. American people are all fat, Doesn't anyone understand?
Dear U.S residents, Why? Why hate when you can love? Why scream when you can sing?  
Dear Harvey Milk,   The "Milk"y Way   Each day he woke and mourned, and underlying consistent struggle, of not wanting to be who he was born, a lifelong internal trouble.  
You call yourself a nation You call yourself one We are supposed to fight Side by side Fighting the outside forces Bringing us down.
Dear Government, Thank you for protecting usIn times of need,But really, can you describe yourself as marvelous?If that’s your only good deed?Power,You possess itYou grasp it With every fiber of your existenceYou abuse it Twist it and turn it arou
I see them, my parents The effort they put into everything, working hard. Working hard for me They endured hardships that I could not imagine Without them, I would be nothing.
Who may sing America? They sing America Without ridicule Without judgement Because their skin is without color  They sing America  And are praised  And are admired
My Overalls by Jasmine Exinia   Dark blue jeans Minnie on the pocket Skechers lighting up when she stomps Little girl in overalls just having fun
When I was young all I wanted to be was a baller. In the streets I learned how to be a shotcaller. Working on my handles with the steel to be a hitman. Working on my handles, coach put me as a big man.
I grew up with many friends. White, black, Spanish, Asian. Color didn't matter But things started to change when we played Cops and Robbers and I was always considered the latter
The land of brave The land of the free The land to be. We stand here in awww as if we didn't vote for this change As if we didn't cast ballets agreeeing to the terms of this contract.
America, oh, America, So full of pride and "hope", America, oh, America,  Your promise of freedom is a joke.   You claim to want diversity,
Waving flag; Burning flag Freedom Equality Justice For all Let your voice be heard Protest Disobey
When did we get thrown back in time to when discrimination was praised,  to when racism was the fad,  to when we had to hide who we are,  to when life was the last concern. 
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