The Melting Pot of America

Sat, 09/07/2019 - 06:31 -- MalRose

Some people think we should move past racism

That as a people we should embrace the future

Yet that future is blocked

Pushed back constantly by our elders

Those that hold grudges 

Be it brown, white, or tanned skin

Certain elders from the past hold us back

They share their horrific treatments with the next generation

They let their hate and resentment cloud their tellings 


Whether they mean to or not 

They tell their children not to trust the white

Or to put down any blacks they see

To make the tan people work for them 

They make us hate what doesn’t exist at our rage

As all parents do they try to build us they way they wish

They try to push their regrets and hopes onto us

In the form of hating the next generation 

And so on goes the cycle of hate

Blacks claim the whites stole rap from them

But we simply mixed cultures

No one thing should belong to one group


We are a melting pot

We mix our dreams 

Stir in our cultures 

Add a pinch of our beliefs 

But everyone’s lost sight of this 


The elders tell their children to be proud of their skin color

Without telling them to respect who the others are 

They tell their children to carry themselves with pride 

But don’t tell them to not force their pride onto others

They tell their children to believe in their religion

But then they become disgusted at anyone who doesn’t believe what they do


Some are so focused on enforcing their cultures onto the next generation

That they lost sight of the others

They teach their kids about black lives matter

But then they think not all lives matter 


They tell their kids that aliens invade their country

But they don’t tell them that those aliens look just like them

Just a different color


Elders that hold grudges from the past pass on the hate 

They tell us of the history but fill it with their bias hate towards others

They blame schools for not telling the “whole” story

They want us to know where we came from

But in reality they just want us to hate just like they do


Whether it’s race, sexuality or religion

Elders pass on this hate indiscriminately 

Forgetting that the reason they suffered 

Wasn’t to pass on this hate

It was to learn and move on

But by making the next generation hate 

They do nothing but ensure that we stay divided 


Be it those of us who were oppressor or the minority 

It gives you no right to make your next in line hate the next generation of the other side

Dr. King didn’t say he wanted you to pass on your hate

He wanted us to stand together

But there are those that forget that 

They believe that just because not all of us on the other side does this

Then they don’t have to either

But it’s start with you

You can only do so much to change a person

But you can do so much more to change yourself 


Don’t divide the pot

Don’t section off everyone to send your offspring full of hate

Simply leave it be 

Let the ingredients of all of us mix together

And maybe then one day 

Someone can taste all the flavors instead of just one


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