The Gods still live

The Gods still live

They can be seen everyday

If one knows where to look


Artemis is standing in the crowd of feminists

Wearing a pink-knit hat

Calling for equality


Athena stands at a podium in a suit

She speaks powerfully, everyone hears

She fights against the unjust laws against women and people of color


Hera sits in an office

Listening to the woes of a survivor

She helps them recover


Demetrius is standing in front of a bulldozer

Unmovable, she is furious

She fights for the trees


Apollo is marching

He marches among others of rainbow

He holds steadfast as insults are thrown at him


Zeus is in a factory

Experimenting with renewable energy

Creating solution to air pollution


Poseidon is in a boat out in the sea

Clearing the trash

He cries as another whale dies from the garbage


Hades breaks into a building

He arrests the monsters inside

He saves the kidnaped children inside


Ares punches the face of a shooter

Saving the life of many

He fights for gun laws


Hephaestus tinkers with mechanics

He help a veteran try out their new leg

He smiles as their faces light up


Aphrodite poses in front of a camera

She adjusts her plus sized bikini

She cheers for the other plus sized women with her


Hermes cleverly misdirects an ICE agent

He protects the immigrants hiding behind him

He welcomes the weary travelers


Dionysus walks through the halls of a mental asylum

He cheerfully greets at all of his patients

He comforts the ones rejected by their families


Hestia holds a child close to her

She kisses the heads of the other children around her

She waves a child farewell as they are adopted


The Gods are still alive

They are among us

Can you spot them?


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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