Slam Poetry (?)

When did being gay become a sin?

To openly love someone of the same sex

Or be who you felt your true self is.

Why are we the ones in the closet

Why aren't you?

How is being straight the norm

But being gay isn't?

How can you not be the one's being opressed

Yet we still are.

You've seen the battles we've fought

To be as equal as you.

Yet in the end we can't be accepted

Just because we are "different"

From what you call normal.

But in the end we still fight for our rights

To be able to walk down the streets.

Holding our partner's hand & not be scared of what everybody thinks

And to be able to show the whole world

I'm d̶i̶f̶f̶e̶r̶e̶n̶t̶ the same as you

Or to be able to express who we are.

Yet you strip us of that right.

You seem to give a gender to anything and everything

Clothing, toys, drinks, everything.

Why does it have to be feminine or masculine?

Why not in between or neither?

But that's not your standards you have to classify everything

And when something or someone is different you can't accept that.

You're scared of difference and change.

That's why it took many years to finally legalize

Gay marriage but we're not done,

We still have long ways to go to be as equal as you.

To know we stand side by side,

As equal as,

And to leave a footprint in the ground

Just like everyone else before us.

That's why we're here to stay no matter what,

No matter how much you try to stop us.

We will rise

Again and again.

To be on the same level as you.

We are here

And we are human.

No matter who we prefer to love

Or how we dress

We are the same inside and out.

Poetry Slam: 
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My community
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I love this!

Poetry Master

It's been a sin since the bible times, but I do understand where you're coming from and I love your

transparency. I applaud you for beind bold and saying what many of us are thinking. I am gay, and I'm thankful for people

like you. So, str8t up and down you did good

Breanna Harlow

its about time we stand up for what we believe in im pansexual and i believe in all of this


Beautiful! Amazing!


Very well written! It's hard what is happening but I think if are bold enough to use our voices we can fix this suppression

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