No hablo ingles.

You insist this is America

You insist we speak American

Honey, have you looked at a map lately?

I wear my culture like a crown

And my flag over my heart

A wall won’t stop us now

Yo soy pura Mexicana

My mother made me proud

She taught me to turn the other cheek

I am a Chicana

And my r’s roll right of my tongue

If my heritage offends you

Well get in line, mijito

Porque yo no me callo

If what you want is silence

You came to the wrong woman

No hablo ingles

If that's what you're asking

Yo soy una aguila

And I strike like a snake

Te pincharé como un nopal

Because I am an Aztec warrior

Y no me voy a callar

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country



This was fun to read. I like the intertwining of both English and Spanish. I had to look up some words but it was worth it.


Thank you so much! I appreciate it

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