Its been a hard day

A lot of emotions going around

I can't stand down

I have to say it out loud


I know my hands are down

But I would like to stay alive a little longer

To see this world turn around

I wake up everyday not knowing if I'm going to come home

They're shooting us down like flies

We're losing our own

We're screaming and crying

Our hearts are in pain

The world is brushing it off

While our minds are going insane

We're trying to end this madness

Stop this PLEASE!!

We just want the shootings to seize


He's already on the ground

We all witnessed you telling him to get down

But somehow you failed to see

That this man has a family

But now he's on the ground

Dead as can be

You say you felt threatened

By this black man you see

But he was just trying to see

His newborn baby

Now you wish you could take it back

Sitting beside him screaming "HELP ME!!"

But the damage is done.

Another life terminated.

Another cop getting off

And another family on the news

Expressing their feelings about the ones they've lost

So thank you Mr. Policeman

You've shown me your true colors

Look at the impact you've had

On me and others

Expressing our lives have no value to you

Confirming to us that calling you

Isn't the right thing to do

So now we're afraid

Of the very thing that is supposed to protect us

So what do we do when were in trouble?

Who do we call when we need help?

Because the impact that these deaths

Have left on us

Is something that can't be forgiven nor forgotten

So please understand

That we don't want to hate you

We just want you to not hate us

And to provide us with that trust

We had before you started killing us!!


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Our world
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