I Plead.

Dear Government, Thank you for protecting usIn times of need,But really, can you describe yourself as marvelous?If that’s your only good deed?Power,You possess itYou grasp it With every fiber of your existenceYou abuse it Twist it and turn it around on us You cherish itWithout power, you would be nothingA useless social constructBegging for attention and supportWe turn to you in times of needStill, you look the other way Full of greedYou scream at the top of your lungs that you aren’t weak, If something doesn’t go your way, you turn the other cheekYou’re supposed to be tough for us and guide us through misfortunesBut how can we turn to you if you're the one causing them? Sometimes you're okayAnd at times you accomplish miraclesBut is it okay to turn awayWhen your people need you?They say this is the land of the freeBut why turn back on your word when we’re filled with refugeesAnd students who don't have anywhere else to be?You say it’s to protect the countryBut what good is a country who denies others abruptly? Power,You have an abundance of itInstead of using it when you wantSolve dilemmas for your peopleDon’t just flaunt I am a part of this countryAnd I adore itBut how can I be so proud When mothers and children aren't allowed to come in?When innocent lives perish, When you need people to die in order to send a message. Dear government,You hold so much power,And in times of need,Please assist others,I plead. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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