Land of the “Free”

America, oh, America,

So full of pride and "hope",

America, oh, America, 

Your promise of freedom is a joke.


You claim to want diversity,

And then you close your borders,

And the indifferent ones who are allowed to stay,

You claim they have disorders.


You call them crazy,

How dare they want equality?

It's not like it was your people,

Who took away their right to speak.


I don’t understand why you feel the need,

To punch and kick them ‘til they bleed,

Their skin is dark, and yours is light,

But that doesn’t mean you can take their rights.


Inside our chests we all have a heart,

Although it seems that some of yours have fallen apart,

Inside our heads we all have a brain,

Although it’s clear we’re not all wired the same.


On the outside, people think this country’s great,

On the inside, we know it’s full of hate,

On the news, black teens are being shot,

On the streets, riots are being fought.


The so-called “Land of Opportunities” is dead,

Unless you’re a minority looking to be shot in the head,

Half of this country is full of neanderthals,

Who gladly agree we should build a wall.


How could a country labeled “The Land of the Free”,

Be full of people who are too blind to see,

That just ‘cause he’s olive, orange, or brown,

Doesn’t mean you can just put him down.


This poem is about: 
My country


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