To Your Kind

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 18:41 -- LananaD

You call yourself a nation

You call yourself one

We are supposed to fight

Side by side

Fighting the outside forces

Bringing us down.


You call yourselves Christian

Claiming to do the Lord’s deed

Forgetting the 5th commandment

Thou shalt not kill

Claiming that a man

You have never seen nor met

Is predominantly white

But is he really?


Throughout time you have not

Practiced the bible or even righteousness

But the practice of

The seven sins.


Devouring the false knowledge

Given to you throughout generations

Lusting over the feel of terrorizing

Slow in learning that we exist

Unleashing your anger and spite

On those who aren’t like you.

Envious in the fact that we

Have learned to be happy.

You take pride in killing.


You call us “Beasts of the Fields”

And “Spawns of Satan”

When your act of evilness

Comes from down below

Under the ground

From which your very feet stand.


Tormenting, harassing, and attacking

Those who disagree

Or who are different from you.

Calling those of your kind

Who choose to associate with us

“Race Traitors.”


We claim to be fighting terrorists

Terrorists not of our country

Constantly in the spotlight

In our textbooks.

But does not have the audacity

To take care of the ones

In this country.

But has anyone ever heard

Of a white christian

American terrorist in our

Own country?


December 24, 1865

The KKK or as

Formally known as

The Klu Klux Klan


They bloomed as if a

Sunflower would in the summer.


Infecting the south with

The disease of pro-white

And racism

Treating my people like

Circus animals or play things

When we are not either one.


You started off with threatening

Like a little flame in a hearth

Then spreading like a wildfire

Becoming bigger

Than what you really are.

No longer threatening

But murderers.


Killing the very animals

You have trained

Your dolls you hung up
High in amusement and joy

Their body parts your

Prized possession.

Or let us talk about

Your brethren you have spawned the

Neo-nazis and aryan nation

Claiming not to take the views

Of a corrupt regime back

In the war.


Spreading your supremacy

Believing you are superior

To those of all other races

Believing you should dominate


Believing you are going extinct

When there are plenty of you.


Bombing gay clubs and abortion


Killing doctors and children

Children you ask?

Remember 1995?

The Oklahoma City bombing?

The bombing of Alfred P. Murrah

Federal Building.


Your acts have spawned

Men such as Randy Weaver,

Timothy McVeigh and many others

Harming those around them

Corrupting their mind

Blinding them. Instead,

A film of a fantasy

Not easy to escape.

Need I go on?


Your dislike for any

Man that is a Jew, African

American, Slavic American, Hispanic,

Native American, Asian American,

Arab American, Romani American,

Homosexuals, transgenders, and handicap

Or those who have different

Political or religious views than



I can go on about your

Horrible deeds

Your beliefs that we

Are creatures from hell.

When your evil was harboured

In the deep seven levels

Of hell.


Your hearts cold as ice

Your dark souls holding

No remote remorse for those

You have hurt,

Destroyed, spit upon

And tortured.

Ignoring the agony

And pain of those

Asking for forgiveness

As you act the persecutors

Of all mankind.


But, you’re not. You are as any other man.

Living in stone cold fear.


This poem is about: 
My country


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