Growing Up


I was only a freshman when I knew

That life would be tough, and I had some growing up to do.

Although I could hang around til dark catching up with my friends

Others with my complexion could not relate the same

See life in America being black is tough

You put on a hoodie and everyone assumes you're rough

It's completely unfair the stereotypes we undergo

Meanwhile the real thugs are the ones who built our “home”

Hearing about Eric Garner and Michael Brown

Allowed me to become well aware of the hate of being brown

At fourteen I had to become mature and well aware of my surroundings

Because the wrong time, wrong place exist heavy for people who look like me

Other than my safety, education was a priority I had to learn in a small time

There was a time in US history where going to school black was a crime

Imagine not being able to sit and learn about the world

Just because you look different from those who tell you what your told

Your told your people aren’t beautiful, your original home is poor

Meanwhile that isn’t the case at all

No matter your complexion, your black is envied

Our culture is admired and our home Africa is filled with green.

Growing up fast has taught me to love me


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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