Sitting in the corner of my dark dwelling.

Lost in my thoughts.

Why I’m I not being cared for?

Why I’m I being rejected

 By the very people I call family and friends?

Is it because I’m blind?

Is it because I don’t wear the expensive shirts they wear

Or the jewelries they adorn themselves with?

Certainly not, but I can’t understand what the world is becoming.

I am disgraced,



Just because I wander in my own dark world, 

I’m being labeled disabled.

I look on and I weep.

Why is it so when

 my mind is able to spring products of creativity into existence?

And again I weep, not for myself this time around,

But for the very people who call me disabled.

They walk chest out and heads high,

Yet they’ve imprisoned their mind,

And all it’s potentials in Limbo, a land of oblivion.

Our world,

 Rivulets of tears still running down the sad face.

“Weep no more”

“Who said that?” I thought.

I felt a heavy hand on my shoulder.

Lifting my head, I saw a figure;

A man dressed like a king or is he really a king?

He stretched his hand towards me.

I held it and he lifted me up.

He lifted me from my world of Gloom and Doom.

He gave me sight again.

Behold I can see at last.                                                                                                                              

The clothes of disgrace, I wear no more.

The Grace to run my race,

You gave it all.

Who is this man?

This thought crossed my mind.

Why am I being shown this act of generosity?

Mercies in abundance

He kept me in His vine

And showed me Love divine.

His providential care continues to abide with me on my way,

In the night and in the day.

If I may ask again,

Why Me?


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