Wed, 01/15/2020 - 03:51 -- caze

Racism is an everlasting problem that will never end
People are blinded 
And so close-minded
That they will always play pretend

But what they don't realize is that real eyes have had to witness real lies
All the bloodshed and tears
Mothers and families are here crying for their dear- children

People keep dying
We are divided 
A so-called "Free Country" that's supposed to be United
But yet we're crying out



Please read all about it

Trayvon Martin is down
The black man has been subsided
Zimmerman is out free
Roaming around the states
Selling the same gun that has added on to the hate

For years and years people have been screaming, shouting, and crying
Struggling to believe in something that can't even be sited
So, we grab our pitchforks and torches
We're ready to go
Attack the white man
Have a riot and put on a show

We never learn from our mistakes
We try and keep on fighting
Then the white man comes down
And tries to keep dividing- us

But as you can see
The you in us means
"You" and "Me"

While we should be here
Supporting our own
We attack the black man
Our family
Our own
When we should all be together
All daughters, all sons
All of us United, to become one

All of the greatest
Like Muhammad Ali 'n
Back when Rosa Parks was calmly fighting for her seat with
Ruby Bridges, tryna get an education
Trying to fill her knowledge about this new unknown nation

But as you can see
Some don't know what I see
Fearing my unborn children
Will be gunned down- unseen


And what,
What now
It's up to people to settle down 

We're still grieving
We're still dying
And you know what
I think that we are fed up trying

But you CANNOT give up now
Never give up hope
That's the only thing you have left to keep you afloat
You have to be strong
To fight it
Because all the people dying will most certainly be missed
But make them proud
Make them happy
Be happy for yourself
and be happy for your family

Carry on, pick yourself up
Don't go away
Don't abandon what you worked hard for
Don't go insane
Support one another
Don't breakdown town walls
Repair all the damaged goods
Conceal them off

Black Lives Matter
All Lives Matter
What's the point
If none of us are left
I have no reason to continue making noise

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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