hard working immigrants

I see them, my parents

The effort they put into everything, working hard.

Working hard for me

They endured hardships that I could not imagine

Without them, I would be nothing.

They provide the great strong base that raises me ever higher.

The base built of their sweat, tears, and blood help me reach my goals.

I see them, my parents

As they stay out late working for another nickel

The nickel for me

They work so hard for their kids

Their clothes stained from work.

They work so that my clothes can be clean and fresh

A better future, that is bright, happy, and warm.

I see them, my parents 


Though plagued with fatigue

they smile 

Their clothes soaked and their feet aching 



For me?

I see them, my parents

Working hard in a new world

Sufferance and yet a smile of joy

I see them, my parents

I love them, my parents







This poem is about: 
My family


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