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In life there are moments where it can bring you in the need to scream your pain existence. The fire in you the passion that generates you gets tested The rug gets pulled from underneath and all you have left is yourself.
The simple things She wished on little things Fine things, good things Honestly just something Something to help with the fighting Give a little power to the lightning More stamina to the running
Never be afraid to be who you are. You are beautiful, And you are so smart. You are brave and true, And you are unbreakable.   Never question your self-worth. Whoever says different
I'm still learning to love I'm still learning to speak I'm still getting to know you                 -;;;- I'm still shy though my character says otherwise.
What’s the point of life? Why continue through the strife? I’ll tell you, I almost died: Fear nearly ate me up inside;
Her eyes wander in utter forlorn Wandering across the ink that adorns her face in blotched stains of red Crying rivers of disgust as her clouds are evident through the fake pigment she hides behind
I suddenly have difficulty breathing as my throat begins to close, Everyone around me is looking at me, but no one here fully knows. That being in an unconventional environment is a trigger for me, 
Every day I force myself to think the same thoughts To feel the same feelings that I am worthless that I am ugly That I am fat
There’s something in the water  Just below the surface  Every time I look away it glimmers.  A gentle splash  Lapping of water on the hull of my leaky boat.
I am not worth your time, Not worth your love Your affection Your effort Your praise Your care  
Entering a relationship at a young age  can feel like starting a new page. Rushing something that is special can cause it to not be sentimental. 
I had a smile to give you but I hesitated I waited until you looked away and then all the sudden my smile snuck out of the back door of my mind and then there was nothing I waited
Love is a song, the most tender kind. A gentle stroke of give and take. A feeling of confusion, an adrenaline rush coursing through your veins.
Sixteen years, eight months, & two-hundred twenty days. Though it feels like time continues to fade away, what you have taught me throughout my life always stay.  
Why is it that we love sweet nothings in our ears? Nothings and empty promises from those we hold dear? In all the broken, tumbling chaos that is, Don't we want something stronger than this?
“They lied to me!” She screams to herself.   They promised! That they would be there for her.
She is that bright array of sun-kissed color out in a field of green, orange and red and purple hues growing for no reason at all.   She is
Heels on Makeup done  Dress on  Picture posted    I'm here  Move out of the way  I'm gonna blow your mind  I'm gonna crush this tonight   Look out world Here I come 
My poetry is a farce  through which I feign brilliance. I am of nothing, nothing remdeemable. Only triviality  constitutes my blood. That of which we do not speak comprises my flesh.
I love me, I am worthy, I am beautiful, You breathed in those words from 8, And again at 10, As if saying it enough, Saying it hard enough,
Dear Person, I thought I knew, The day we met I was at my best, life was full and my heart was beating out of my chest,
It is because I love you,  that these very things I do are all for you. When the lights are dim and your watery eyes too unfocused to see what is right before you
Because i love you, I let you walk all over me. I forgave your infidelity. I gave you my heart, you replaced it with yours.
“Because I love you, you should stay.   You should ignore whatever they’ve told you. I love you, don’t listen to them. I know I hurt you.
I remember.  I remember the fears. I remember the confusion. I remember the pain. I especially remember the lonliness. I remember the tears. I remember the depression. I remember the disdain.
My worth Is filled within dark circles Bubbled in with  Soft lead  Nothing outside the lines    My worth  Is sometimes expressed as A number  First, 27 Then, 29  
I wasn't meant to be beautifulI wasn't meant for the pleasing of your eyesor the stirring of your inner loveI am meant to set a fire beneath youto make you quake in your boots
I reached out to the sun, but he burned me No matter how I approached, I was scorched. The sun seemed to burn brighter each day for months I wanted to be close, to feel the warmth
Worthless, you say? Well, Almost, but not quite It takes some grammar To make that right You see, "worthless" Spelling withal, Is declaring you lack any worth at all
Unbelonging Creatures of the night Winding Untaming Unraveling Sweetening Climbing Creatures of the trees Flighting Picking Breezing Unholding Ungoing
no matter what you say or do  it will never be  enough not what they're looking for so your feelings,  they're ignored  they're a lie just like you just because you're a liar too
Searching, yearning, hoping For an answer besides war. A war being fought All for one. Constant if's and possibilities unknown being done All for one. Lives being threatened behind the shadows
Words slapped me in the face With their crimson fury Without hesitation I let them envelop me Watering myself in a shower of emotion
You are a mountain
Materialism  A word descriptive of our current society A generation that's become submissive to this culture. Numb to everyone else's feeling or thoughts yet
As women and girls of our world today
I hope you look in the mirror one day and stand tall and proud with your wonderful face  and beautiful eyes. I hope you look at yourself with so much love that the world around you can feel it radiating 
sense of purpose,  sense of worth a thought of my impact on this earth.   not sure why or what purpose i serve, but i know i'll make a difference in this fallen, broken world  
the things i have seen  and the things i have experienced have shaped my soul  into my own unique shape that is unlike anyone else's.  i may be a square, or a rectangle or hexagon, 
A world where the very beings that dewll in it, only exist in a realm of inauthenticity. A filter. Everywhere I glance, I find a pit of indecency. The urge to acquire the highest level of popularity. 
You took them over us       Guys, Men all for lust
I've found it hard to wake up many morningsBecause I wondered what good it'd be;To struggle with the thought of never beingAs perfect as the people that I see.
The mirror cracks with broken glass unable to hold the lies that are told everything plastic thought as attractive the soulless has worth we're told to convert what is to live
you love to call me thick  that must be a slick way to tell me to lose weight .  You tell me to put salad on my plate .  I heard you World , to be honest .  This pound cake is too good and it already on my plate . 
The first time he looks through the barrel
Have it all from my head to my feet no matter how tall reach up and take me I am yours you are mine the God who changed water to wine even in a blink of an eye
    V          Doubt     O          Fills every corner of my mind      I           Whispers      I           Dark words of unending peril. Failure      I           Hope
The body pops every Saturday. It starts around 10 or 11 pm, and it doesn't stop until the party gets shut down. She twerks. She goes. She gets it. She bad. I don't know who these musicians be talking about, but me?
I know my value.I know my worthand some of you just aren't worth my time.
  Oh shepherd of three-odd billion years bring 3’oclock coffee for its paragon   For the light slants at an angle at this hour it is redshifting, in the atmospheric ether
my scars tell me  you're too much  you'll never be enough  you're not pretty enough  you're never going to be good enough  and for awhile I let my scars define me 
Imagine a world of no conflictNo anger, no murder, no war   A world of respect   Where the color of your skin doesn’t matterWhere which side of the tracks you grew upon makes no change  
What would be the price of a life? How would one measure the price of a life? Would it be based on the physical condition and the person's appearance? Or on their personality?
Worth: by Eric Inglis. Orange, red, and yellow leaves rustle and bustle across the this lot flying through the air as well as bouncing on the pavement
Beauty is unreachable Love is just a game Lies become believable Others thrive off of our pain
His love was coveted.   I wasn't.  His love was exactly the song I wanted to sing; the beat I wanted to dance to.  He was everything.  I was nothing. 
We are all just brown paper bags carrying around the mysteries of the world, some may be of sweet delight and others may be as bitter and undesirable as the person that carries it.
Tales like foxtails pepper my mind And I find that naked the wind hurts But clothed not so much.
Orange light passes slowly on; as a slow brook passes an even slower traveler on his melancholy way through life.
Two minutes of silence, Five hundred beating hearts; Five hundred minds are spinning, Trying to connect the dots. Mountains still tower over us, And trees sparkle in the breeze.
I have found you in this small room, neatly tucked away in the closet so no one can see you. Never have I seen a body tremble so rapidly. Much like the movements of a leaf when it takes off in its autumn wind.
To move on is to grow; We must take this as fact. To see is to know; We mustn't think only after we act. Can we change the way we’re living before it consumes and devours all that contains meaning within us?
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