Dear Person, I thought I knew,

The day we met I was at my best, life was full and my heart was beating out of my chest,

It was never love at first sight, you weren't even an idea in my mind. at first, you were just an acquaintance.

Then quickly you became the relationship that took all of my patience. 

I defended you, I pretended for you, I loved you despite all the lies and wasted time. 

We were best friends, attached at the hip, and without even realizing it, you became the person I wanted to be with.

You would tell me other guys weren't right for me while dating every flavor in our city.

I waited around while my friends pitied me, telling me to let go of who I wanted you to be. 

I kept pretending you were this hero, the guy that saw me for who I was and would never let me go. 

You said you meant it, and that you really wanted this. I thought you finally figured it out,  but you forgot to mention all the doubt. 

You got scared, you feared the future with someone as productive as me, you said it was too weird and real, but really you were too immature to feel. 

The worst part was how numb you made me, I didn't cry or reach out for something to save me. I felt relieved that it was never something that was wrong with me. 

You see the problem was, you were never the person I had chosen to see. 

I loved you for the person I created, not the coward that you truly are. 

I wished you the best, I was honest and it felt good, yet you still acted like a child and made me sound crazy. 

I'm thankful for you, and I never plan to bash your name, I just hope that one day you finally become a real man.

I'm sorry for your loss, 

The girl that was always there



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