In life there are moments where it can bring you in the need to scream your pain existence.

The fire in you the passion that generates you gets tested

The rug gets pulled from underneath and all you have left is yourself.

A broken version lost terrified everything you thought you knew was suddenly amplified.

How can you justified what you felt inside there was just nowhere to hide?

The things you believed to be the expression of who you are is questioned.

But after all the tears all the bipolar emotions and fears

This roller coaster ride leaves you naked feeling reborn

Because the power of prayer transforms and restores purifying helping you perform to become the eye in your storm

With what is known as healing and dealing with a fresh appealing free willing beginning.

That leads you away from revenge and anger and instead embraces you with passion and compassion

Deciding to love yourself will help you become a humble butterfly

Shedding the old in you and reflecting the beauty that always existed inside of you

The ability to see the blessing in disguise helps you not to agonize but instead rise with the lesson learned and authorize your worth given by God at birth

Your existence is not justified by the lack of interest of others begin build trust to help you discover.

That preparation will always cross paths with opportunity the fluency between both exist of one another.

So, create your path and believe in your every step choice makes you the driver you have the strength.

The higher source celebrates when you love yourself and when you do your serving him because he lives not just for us but in us.

Satisfying your soul is divinely guided making life richer that much more enlighten.

It doesn’t have to look perfect to be picture perfect so be the one to never give up on yourself because you are worth it.



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