What I am Worth (According to You)

I am not worth your time,

Not worth your love

Your affection

Your effort

Your praise

Your care


I am not even worth a second thought.


To you


I am only worth it when it’s convenient.


When you can you use me as a show and tell for all your friends to see that you did well as a mother when the truth is

you haven’t truly been there for me since the beginning.


I am only worth your public display of affection when people start to see through the cracks of our so called relationship

so you can patch it up

and keep this facade of perfection.


I am worth a check

only because you think I can be bought like a toy

but no one wants a owner who abuses their dolls.


You not only refuse to pick up the pieces you broke

but smash them into shards just for fun.

Cause I am not “worthy” of you


Not worthy enough to have you as a mother

But the truth is that you are not worthy to have me as a daughter


This poem is about: 
My family


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