Brown Paper Bag


We are all just brown paper bags carrying around the mysteries of the world, some may be of sweet delight and others may be as bitter and undesirable as the person that carries it. See it is not your appearance that makes you who you are it is you that defines who,what, where, and how you are going to be perceived by the rest of the world. Beauty may be vain but my veins tell me that as long as there is blood pumping through my body I will always and forever be beautiful. I don't allow the worlds scale of what beauty and worth is to define me. I am a woman on cruise control and I will choose when and how I am going to take charge of me. We carry around our brown paper bags waiting to trade it off for whatever else may appear to be good. But not everything you see in someone elses bag is going to be good for you. See can only be me and I don't have to trade my bag with someone else to know that what I have in mine was mant for me. You want to trade bags they say, but I say no I'm keeping mine because what is in my bag is much more than a pb&j.


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