Birth Mark

Her eyes wander in utter forlorn

Wandering across the ink that adorns her face in blotched stains of red

Crying rivers of disgust as her clouds are evident through the fake pigment she hides behind


Till she speaks in the windows of blue

"Why am I marked with detesting scars?"

"How can you love a burned mask?"


If only she knew, what the windows of blue

Saw in every mark, freckle, scar, and cut

The window countered of red tinted panels, with curtains caressing her skin


"It's a shame, the world marked you ''different"....

It's inequitable that other windows and mirrors see nothing but a smudged paper

Annoyed by the unorganized faded streaks

It hurts my glass heart that you see a monster in my reflection"


"Your glamour has never dulled

Like the painted pigment on a canvas ...that I've captured in my mind

Your very skin holds more stories then complexion

that you have deemed are bedtime songs 

Yet are more colorful in language then war past times"


"A mask painted red is more beautiful then the black and white

The flame indented on your cheeks and eye complement the galaxy that orbit with in your windows

The clouds you hide show more awe as you stare longer into the night sky

Each sun kiss marks the maps of thousands of stars of splendor

Every scar across the milky way is a shooting comet that glides across the red speckle gas mass"


"I see the universe in the palm of my silk

It hurts to see you cry

It hurts to see you envy the face of gray

Thinking, what's wrong with checkers?

It hurts to see my flower pulling out its thorns

It hurts to see my library of admiration burn up in a flaming failure

It aches me that I crack to watch you cry with the rain I protect you from"


"All you see is red when you feel so blue

All you see is a burnt forest when it's really a meadow of blooming roses"

If only she knew, what the windows of blue

Saw in every mark, freckle, scar, and cut

If only

If only

If only



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