Three Miles From The Son


United States
30° 35' 7.3428" N, 96° 42' 23.7276" W

Two minutes of silence,
Five hundred beating hearts;
Five hundred minds are spinning,
Trying to connect the dots.
Mountains still tower over us,
And trees sparkle in the breeze.
Lord, you created all this beauty,
Yet you find your home in me?

I’m standing on the ledge,
Trying to breathe it all in.
My broken heart is pounding,
You’re trying to heal it again.
Creator of all things pure and great,
Of mountains and skies and creeks-
Of rainbows and lightning and wind-
Yet you find your home in me?

Five hundred pairs of legs walked up,
One thousand eyes stared in wonder.
I'm closer now than I've even been before,
And still I want to be closer.
You know me, You chose me, I’m Yours,
You’re making me new and free
And out of all the beautiful things You made,
You still find your home in me


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