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tremendous and snarling the glinting of teeth who once called you darling now comes from beneath the twisted endeavors of a lover turned sour like a fistful of feathers
Ya Know Over The Years I’ve Had A LOT Heads Say... That The Words That They Hear In My Wordplay Arrays... Are Things That Display A... LOT of RAGE... !!!
I am your burden The God you called out to that did not answer They failed me for the final time I came begging on my knees Skin torn and bleeding Having walked thousands and thousand of miles
Do not go gentle against those who are corrupt,Shameful those who just stand by;Rage, rage against the dying of society. Though wise men loose sight of what is right,Because their assets rise and ego enflate,Do not go gentle into that dark hole. G
“Silence” he commanded As he slapped my frozen face I need a meal for my stomach I have not eaten in days Or perhaps it has been longer
The killer, the executioner, the hunter, the slayer Ostime, the one who was kicked around by many For no reason that the child could comprehend Ostime, the one who tried to be kind to everyone
I feel a deep, deep sorrow, As life nears its final page, The hard times that come with age, It’s enough to make a good man rage,   But somehow, there’s a special sorrow,
Do you hear the storm coming? feel the thunder shaking the ground? can you see the lightning in the distance? feel the wind weaving through your clothes? can you hear the rain getting closer and louder and heavier?
Small and innocent I may appear, But when angry, I'm able to strike fear.  Rage isn't a righteous practice, but for me it became a common habit.  I seem to loose all demeanor and control.
i say fight me too much but there's  rage in my soul.
Notes flying ‘cross the page, Singing hope and singing rage Of how they plead to be free of the cage And dance across the page.
Upon the lovely, of America’s golden plains, her monuments of past era, made of steel and glass, tempered with the fires of hope; cast cold shadows  over astonishing rage of times.   
Let the darkness of the clouds grow Let the wind blow  Let the lightning soar Let the thunder roar 
[I've never been one for screaming. But when something hurts deeply, I chastise for hours -- albeit at a normal volume.] These instincts betray me. The good nature I try to uphold
How could she not understand The pain she is causing her children She believes that my father will take all of us And he isn't holding us captive its our choice
We are not less than We are your equals We are not your captives We are not your vassals
To My Dark Side,
Jose waled home slowly   in a hoodie and jeans. He wans't ready for the fight at home; his mom would bring up another broken school window. His backpack weighed him down   getting worse every second.
Let me live. Let me breathe. Let me my claws unsheathe.   Free me from vines. Free me from tracks.
the fear came in scraps the size of candy wrappers and the bits of water balloon you leave on the ground; it came during an air raid, when the shelter of imagination was no longer
here i am. here i'll be  when all around  is shadows. not peace welcome to my world  of sharp claws and teeth don't say that your bored  you'll just make me angry. so i warn you now.. 
Heavenly father as I wake to this new day you have made; I thank You and your Son for the price that was paid. I know at times it may feel like I've hidden through my dismay,
Scarecrow and lion Tin Man too Side by side All in awe Too much dust Not enough water Covered up truths Buried under evil
With eyes like thunder, The girl raged like the sky and Spewed lighting as if it were words. With mirroring fury, The ocean thrashed and beat the cliffs As the girl swept away her room and
The Wolf in the sky howled until he grew big enough to swallow the moon. And there was no light left but the stars which he could not reach.
I am red,like an ambitious flame,angry and risingand my voice echoesloudly,demanding to beheard over theendless whispers andincessant criesthat fill the void in my mind.I am fire,
It is not my fault that I exist My pressence is not a mistake My words are not baseless What I feel is not pointless The stupid shit I do truly does not concern you
I'm going insane. Happy as can be in a moment, Only to come crashing down the next, Into the darkness of my head. From a pleasant thought, To one leaving me distraught, I sit alone in the dark.
It finds you  in the early evenings  slithering past ankles  willing to be bit until it circles you  frozen with the news of abandonment- how could they do this to be? fangs sink down into skin 
I saw The shadows feed I fall Finally cut too deep I call Out can't you see? I'm flawed So from the heart I bleed I'm lost Give up I'm finally beat They killed 
"Everyday the rage within me dies a little more But everytime I think it's gone  It comes back stronger still It kills my heart Everytime  To see the hurt And the lies The hand print of my hurt
               Rage against the dying world, Rage against the light, Rage against the sorrows that bar my heart from flight.                 The morning left me winded, The evening left me bare,
How does it feel to have a fire that doesn't burn? As I detach and turn the page I have been tainted with empty rage I'm aware of the heat as the ember blazes
A fruitless rage  One without bound Builds up a barrier 
I'll use the kindness, I know, I might, have within Although beauty isn't skin deep, I can smell your bones rotting within How bitter, how cruel? Your deviouness is brewing inside of you  
Another long day Pretending to be
The wind will blow away my sin Copper devils wait in the tall grass I walk on doves feet across the clouds Fallow my feelings little fish Sing about rain I sometimes wish I was a monster
I hang around In this room I pretend that I own, I feel so ungreatfull for the life I've been thrown, and the friends I have grown, In a house full of homies and I still can't help feeling alone,
Screaming bloody murder, but no one can hear the cries Cannot hold on forever, can hardly put up a fight Locked inside a cold room, lying on the hard floor Beaten in the gloom, here be he prisoners of war
I feel like screaming, My heart full of hate, Not understanding the pain, This rage can create,  Hurting the people I love, My heart is pumping and racing, My words cut like knives,
Don't be a brat! BAM BAM Stop being stupid! BAM BAM You need to learn! BAM BAM Don't fucking talk to me!
Hearing the screaming and shouting in my house, I don't know what to do but grip my blouse.   I used to think "This is where it all ends", But I looked past that and started to ascend.  
Mom tri
I live in a city And it is a pity For ten years it was tolerated Now- I'm exasperated There isn't shit to do When you're full of vigor and youth I live in what you call the ghetto- I call it the hood
My fingers won’t move. They are stiff with frost, Tips turning blue and then deathly purple. Threatening to rip them from My flesh they were sown into by my creator. Icicles hang from my eyelashes,
Just stand there
Sir no sir.                                                                                   Please leave me alone sir. Let me sleep sir.. This isn't rite please don't touch me.... I'm only 11; you're 50..
Its not my fault mom didn't love you
Sick heart, dripping with gasoline, fueled by the cigarettes thrown like darts the whip’s bullseye that tore her apart, innocent and caged, helpless to cleanse itself, gives in to the rage,
The cellar is quite, cool, dry.
Take solace in rage
Look across the glass-flat sea
The death of waiting, a vice grip on my chest denies me the option to breathe, my wrists bound in cuffs of limitation, feet stuck in frustration, mind set on fascination but body tied,
I find myself conflicted  Full of rage Tears held behind  Just for their sake No longer do I see the love Just the hate  I'm ready to scream 
You, the ones before us, burnt the world to ash And we were left to pick through the cinders. You say to yourselves in muffled voices,
On the bed and on the bathroom counter I lost track of time, maybe two hours? I completely devoured the passion you were incredibly lacking and got a high of pure satisfaction
His carefully constructed kingdom of sand 
A writer’s sword is a pen Green, blue, red, black, yellow ink Inside a long plastic contraption It spews words exempt for bigotry And hatred. A writer’s pen stops magic from happening during a
By: Anyssa Q.  Fuck this form, and fuck its clones, Fuck the place I called my home, Fuck the building in which  my mind died. Fuck the room in which my form hides.  
Hatred.  Instilled in me is hatred. like a fire raging in my lungs and behind my eyes it stings  but its never released  because to my enemies my tears scream weak but I am not weak
The government is lead by our fathers and mothers, grandfathers, and grandmothers They have showed up how to rule But they won't give up their throne It is our turn now To rule To reign
The sand, the water, all so Beautiful Recovered from a past of Ashes Earthquakes, hurricanes, Drought, Mother Earth filled with Rage, Avenging the world of the Abusive Humans; the corrupt, the reckless
Stretched into a pirouette Porcelain arms above her head Pristine balance and tight bunned hair A trickle of salt water dread The lace toe shoe grips the edge Atop the orange lip of God Sprawling below is dark abyss She could fall with just a prod
Passive verbs will do just fine Unless of course, you wish to be kind Original characters are just great Unless of course, they arrive too late Use my names, or two, or three Unless of course, they belong to me
The voices I heard in my head are so loud, discombobulated, overbearing, That it makes me wonder how you can be so sure about what the hell you are talking about!
Sometimes I just cant let go of all that anger I feel like I'm Iago Because I cant let it go Oh I feel for Othello I know everyone in my path feels the destruction of my rage Like a Shakespearian play
  His eyes brimmed with woe, “You’re wrong, because I know I’m right.” “Nope, you’re the idiot that thinks that way.  Moron, you’re remarks are merely trite.”
The caged animal is a rare sight, They don’t come out unless it’s confusing and nothing seems to be right.   The caged animal has many sides you see. However this is not one that is known by most usually.  
Why do you ignore me When I know that in your heart we both believe in love? Why do you forget That our souls of steel have more hope than anyone? Why do you hurt When you see this blood and rage?
The rage inside me is growing. So bitter, twisted, and all-knowing. Do I hide it successfully? My heart says it's showing. The rage inside me is growing.   The anger inside me is shining.
Burning bright, burning clear. Don't you see me burning here? Passion rage like a flame. Burning all without aim. Quench the flames and cool the air for this passion
The women come after a day of battle, With myself, of course, the forces inside me endorse me, I yell out of my mind, shouting obscenities,
Sometimes life slaps me I feel like a locked treasure with a lost key. Caged, caged, caged! A wolf caged Full of nothing but rage For me emotions scare A test... A dare Will I fail?
Mountain ridges arise from your back  Everything is broken gloves on, real friends, fake friends No Tongue Raven at your window      get out get out get out permanent, this 
Label me, bitch. Dyke. Fag. Tranny. Label me, bitch. Freak. Creep. Queer. Label me, bitch. Geek. Dork. Fuck up. Label me, bitch. Whore. Slut.
Hear I stand a soldier haunted by what I've done. My ears still ring with their screams. My eyes still burn burn with their faces. I remember whispering to each pair of eyes
It’s much too dangerous to think about passion.
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