Caged Animal

The caged animal is a rare sight,

They don’t come out unless it’s confusing and nothing seems to be right.


The caged animal has many sides you see.

However this is not one that is known by most usually.


Let us take a look shall we?

At this caged beast of the personality?


A girl is walking on the street,

She’s recognized as one to be known as helpful and sweet


What others don’t see is the problems she has,

the walls that have been closing in and crossing off her paths.


She turns one way, and is slapped to another,

she’s knocked around, and has no where to go but smother.


When the personality is being controlled by a master with all the strings,

it is precisely the needed recipe to find this beast that stings.


She’s on a path of dark blacks and gray,

she’s trying her hardest to not be led astray.


It’s all going wrong she can’t make a move,

and yet the beatings keep coming. What is there to prove?


She has her heart and soul on the line

she tries to act like everything’s fine


She’s falling apart deep inside ,

as she is cornered she starts to cry.


She cries out in anguish and pain.

For now she sees she cannot gain.


This is a part of life where one can not win,

It sends the human mind for a sickening spin.


She knows she must keep going,


But she hates this feeling inside.

She doesn’t know which are emotions; fear, anguish, pride?


Let me introduce you to a creature feared wide.

This is the monster living inside.


It erupts slowly and firmly yet,

it remains for long lasting periods, some never end.


Some call it the “rebellion stage”,

Others call it “coming of age”.


I rather call it the snapping point of your rope,

you’ve been pulled so tight you’ve lost most hope.


You don’t want to turn to anyone,

you don’t want to wreck a relationship or some one else’s fun


You just want to get passed this, find a solution,

and its truly up to you on what is the conclusion.


There are many outcomes of this story,

some fall down deep, some rise to glory.


I can not tell you where I stand,

For right now I feel like I’m in this dark, dark land.


And I’m not really sure of my fate,

I don’t know how I will escape.


But life must continue as things go.

but as for now this really blows.


Welcome to the introduction of the caged animal.

Listen closely and you’ll hear the call.


Whines, groans, snarls and growls

Complaints, pain, anger and Rebellion


The ride has begun the journey is long

Take up your anchors and you had better hold on.


This is the monster of the personality inside.

Either find the cure? Or you had better hide.



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