A Friend in Need

Sat, 05/06/2017 - 11:46 -- IFWY

Heavenly father as I wake to this new day you have made;
I thank You and your Son for the price that was paid.
I know at times it may feel like I've hidden through my dismay,
But to be honest I'm not worthy to stand at your Pearly Gates.
I'm really sick and tired of drowning in my own destructive ways;
While sitting here bathing with my demons in their waster's lake.
Forgive me now for the million sins and the hearts I've caused to hate;
Cause I know I'm a sinner that needs some hope for goodness sake...
Damn here I am again asking God for one more chance, because I don't have the strength to grab the horns of this ram.
I pushed away my lover's hand while she prays for her troubled man;
I know I'm blind with rage when my world is in a jam.
May you strike Satan's hand every time he disrupts your plans,
Even when this depression tells me that you'll never be my friend...
But like my Savior once said " My God, why have you abandoned me?";
Is it cause of this stone-cold junkie that lays between my sheets?
If so, father God then please help a friend in desperate need, cuz I have the meanest team cheering for me to succeed.
And when I'm in need, will you grant me the faith of a mustard seed?
For all I know is that I can't control what's killing me.
Protect me now from Satan's den of thieves that glutton when I am weak, as I find some type of peace for the troubles I have reaped.
If I die before I wake from this dreadful sleep;
All I ask for you to do is remember a friend in need...

Written by
Jose Solis

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