My Rage

I live in a city

And it is a pity

For ten years it was tolerated

Now- I'm exasperated

There isn't shit to do

When you're full of vigor and youth

I live in what you call the ghetto- I call it the hood

Don't want to slam Jews- A lot of them been too good

There are blacks who are productive

But then there are niggers

How I put up with them for 10 years?

It figures

One of them-trying to prove his mettle

Tried to pick a fight with me

I avoided it- Wise choice

Doing the alternative would not've been pretty

Teenagers trying to cap each other

The same old shit

It's been going on for decades

When the fuck does it quit

The hoods in the city

Make me want to puke

Dilapdated homes - the funky smell

To name a few

Niggers want to be about that life

The life of a thug

Who keeps teaching this shit

It needs to be shut up

The teen pregnancy has went down

That's a relief

Thought that would never happen

Thought we were going back a century

There have been cases of police brutality

CNN might not've heard

The story didn't go any further

Than the city limit church

There's a solution- take your pick

There's the building with a star and moon

And the theology of a loon

There's the whole Back-2-Africa

And the whole Black Conscious stream

Full of hogwash, ass-kissing

And paranoid government conspiracies

Is there bigotry

What do you expect

This is the South

And on that, you can bet

I didn't ask to be poor

And I sure as hell didn't ask to be in the hood

But I'm going to get the hell out of it

And out of it for good



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