Where do I go from here. (colorful vocabulary, those easily butthurt should sway away.)

By: Anyssa Q. 

Fuck this form, and fuck its clones,

Fuck the place I called my home,

Fuck the building in which 

my mind died.

Fuck the room in which my form hides.


Fuck the rules, which society tries. 

Upon my unhindering, wandering mind. 

Fuck this sickness-

that boiled my brain into a-

soft, supple, pink throbbing grain. 

Fuck it all, and fuck this land,

Fuck this form that binds my hands. 


I wish to separate, to end these days,

and return to unity, to kill this haze. 

I should have never spawned here,

I should have never tried.

Alas my human is living, 

but my Perfect-Form is deprived. 



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