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Hearts disasters stream heights of burning words, Cutting deeper than lethal weaponry; length and depth mined letters
To: You Know Who You AreThis is the last letter I’ll write.  It’s too hard to be around you and know that you might know but not know if you actually know
I sit here everyday Wondering whether I should say it But everytime I allow that thought to cross my mind Every single time You prove me wrong Or I remember something you said to me
I have set the stars in place so that your eyes may see wonder and the moon so that you may hold my beauty in your hearts. Thunder and lightning so that you may hear the sound of my beating heart and see my radient light that flashes in rythme.
Nothing new seems to pass by me. Only few occurrences surround me. Nothing to make me feel desperate, Nothing to make me feel longing.   I close my eyes to feel alive,
Dear Granddaughters,  The only constant we consistently count on is change  Life is like a topographical map  On the surface the ups and downs seem smooth But when your soul walks the uphills they bend and curve
Dear, Nephew   You are so full of life right know  so full of energy, joy, happiness, light. You make my days brighter than they were yesterday; When I was feeling alone and depressed.  
Dear Past Me,   I'm sorry.  I'm so incredibly sorry For what you went through, For how you were treated.  You should have never accepted  What they were giving you.
Screwtape, You may try to cloud my thinking Eradicate my being Snap my persona with guilt However you should know Until Eternity ends Adoni, my Master and Savior will keep me in His hand  
Dear God,  I hate myself and I cant get over it. Its not hate that is appparent or overwhelming but, hate that lingers. This hate is like an itch I cant scatch.
Dear Farah, Who’s the best? Sally Who’s the best? Sally  
Dear blue-haired girl, working at the movie theatre in Bloomingfield, Indiana, I hope the tattooed name on your wrist does not become a stain on your skin.
they say we don't write letters but I wrote 'em just last year christmas alone the only thing I wanted was to speak but he was    cities   towns   states  
The first time I saw you, you meant nothing to meThe second time I saw you I forgot your nameIt's been eight months since I first met youYou have been very good for me
To the boy I haven’t yet met, but surely knows he’ll meet me:   As we stand face to face for the very first time, you’ll likely think me uninterested. I’ll smile big enough and laugh, call you kid as we wave goodbye,
I am writing this letter to show you That romance is far from dead And the things that drove us apart were birthed
  dear Lover, I played Odile when you wanted Odette-- but Melpomene would agree that the best romances perform as tragedies I think you knew we were the same girl
I found you there – you were still warm, but we knew you were cold Sometimes I see you but I know you aren’t there Your hands smelled like smoke, but that was more permanent than you were
Dear Sad Girl, With the sad sad eyes,who pretends to be happy but inside wants to die. Here’s a note for you to read when your worries come like a stampede.
Dear Donald Glover,
Well...I have written all the letters. So I guess this is goodbye forever, or at least until I am better. This mental state that I am in... I can't even begin. I hope that the next time you see me
I put my life in a pizza box and mailed it off to some Lonely night owl living in his mother's  Basement   I wrapped it with a nice cheese topping Bacon too, but no sausage
Hearing from you always brightens my day I wait all week long, I hope and I pray The next day will bring me some word from you. Every word is pure bliss, each syllable speaks,
Words  Are magic, Wrapping around your soul, Burying itself in your heart, Branching out into your mind. Words Are incantations, Lifting you up and  Tearing you down In succession
The only letters I’ve ever kept Are apology letters Every single one from my father Because it’s easier for him to write to me And leave it in my room while I’m sleeping Than to look me in the face  
This is the the letter that I'll never send. Dear Ex, You stole my heart with just one look. You broke my heart with just one word. And you fixed my heart with just one kiss.
Unaware by a vast amount Unconnected to her past life, He demands to know the untold.  Caught in the headlights She drowns in oceans unshed. 
dear girl who lives in the flat faced house, thank you for letting me walk you home, you're a sweet person.  dear boy who lives in the cul-de-sac, the boy who lives in the fourth house on the left, the boy by the basketball courts, and the boy who
To: Death...
My Dearest Jennifer,I hope this letter finds you. I hope and pray that you'll treasure this; my words of truly profound and deep love for you always and forever!
Letter to my love #1
  I saw you with your new girlfriend a few nights ago.  Your hair was slicked back. You were wearing that tux I picked out for you, the navy one. You seemed to be having a great time.
My mother came to visit me todayAn hour and a half she would stayShe told me I was beautifulReminded me I was specialAnd so I wrote her a letterFor the things I should of said better
The scarlet "S" stamped on the b
i've been listening to a lot of rudy francisco lately,and i gotta admit,he got me feeling something.maybe it's the wayhe uses metaphors like magic.'cause my ears are too slowto catch the sleight of sound,
On darkened hill a soldier stands, Letter in his hands. Never to see,
I am sorry. i am sorry for shredding you to pieces when you deserved to be cherished. i'm sorry for the six years of abuse i put you through and thought that you deserved. 
Do not fear my dear for i shall return to answer your prayers. Our eternal love.   Do not worry my sweet your kisses will provide me the trength I need to return home. Our eternal love.
I wish that you would write to me. Paragraphs or pages of paper With words of your world for me to see Parchment with pencil or pen Scribbled at half past ten or when your're free  
I opened your lettersAnd I gave them up to the airThat they might become spring cloudsThat letters of memoriesMight weep over the hills,
  Letters to Dad
I write allot of letters to you. All letters ill never send. I try not to cry while writing theses letters. Its stupid to cry over a boy. But i cant help it. One single thought of you..of us tears me me apart.
From Your Father: I was not raised to be what you need. I will never love you And I left to spare you that pain. I was never ready to be your father, And so I chose to never be one to you.
She told me to write a letter
I’m so tired 
My heart is heavy.it is a wrecking ball: stone cold and rock solid.weighing me down.the weight of it,
Dear Mom,     Hi.     Wow. This is Hard.
There are things that breakI have 4% left on my computerand shaking my head to Book of Jamesby We Are Augustines.It was a privilege to know youTo hold you in my thoughtsmy prayers
“For Lexi Brain”because you are something specialand I see it in your eyesespeciallybut not restricted tothe time on FridayI thinkOr Thursday
My one true love was a letterAnd for tears upon which I stood,It grew up through pieces of plasticsearching through years of daysfor woodFor grass, for fir, for wood, for flightEffortlessly
A little girl Fourth brithday all alone Her father was supposed to come,  for the first time. He has never been there for them.   He left them when she was born.
This tale is true and mine. It tells ofanticipation opening the mailbox each timeI arrive back at the house by night; only oncea week, about, I find my name,handwritten by someone else,on an envelope, not typed,
It is an escape from reality, reality that is at times hard to bear, when nothing feels right, and my heart aches to fit in, but yearns for privacy, that is when I sneak,
Lines tell stories Lines tell stories. Stories that are made up of twenty-six letters Flipping and flopping are words that we can make out of twenty-six letters
A letter is all it takes, to make or break your day. To make or break you.  A letter written with love, hope, anger, tears. To whom it may concern to my love, to you from me. 
Where the pavement ends is where I’ll be, Waiting for words I long to read. These tears you see are just rain, Streams that fill empty drains. The years have gone by a little faster as they pass,
Twenty six letters composing a phrase, Letters that have the power to break chains, Whether they exist in books or essays, Penetrate my heart, running through my veins.
I am from plane rides at a week old, from always knowing there was something special about my family. I am from always knowing I was adopted.
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