When you turn 19

Dear, Nephew


You are so full of life right know 

so full of energy, joy, happiness, light.

You make my days brighter than they were yesterday;

When I was feeling alone and depressed.


You make me laugh at you 

and sometimes with you. 

When I tickle and play with you,

your laugh is like music to my ears

that I want on repeat everyday. 


You are loved and appreciated by a lot of family,

weather it be from me, from your wonderful parents,

from your grandma,

from the rest of your aunts and uncles, 

or even your two younger brothers.


No matter where in the hell life takes you, 

I will always be here to support you. 

From every choice in life you make, 

or every mistake, I will always be here

right by your side to give and show you love.


You are my first nephew 

and when I looked at you I didn’t realize 

how much you can love someone 

so small and fragile.

But you son, had my heart skipping beats! 


I mean you completely turned your moms life around too!

I think that was her biggest moment in life; 

was having you.

You were destined for her. 

She was destined for you.


The women dropped out of college

to properly care for you

and she didn’t work a day in her life

so she can spend it with you.

And your dad? Well your dad never left her side,

not once!


I want you to know that when you turn 19

or once your done with high school,

your life is literally just beginning.

You might think you’re small right now, 

And you are. 


But once you get to the real world 

you’ll be able to see how big it actually is.

How much there is to discover,

how much there is to travel,

and how much there is  to explore! 


Don’t be afraid of taking chances 

because your 19 and well heck,

take a chance if you get one.

Curiosity did kill the cat and

you’ll never know if you don’t try.

I promise it will lead you to unexpected places and endless possibilities.


Always know your value and your worth,

always know where you came from,

always demand the respect that you earned,

and be humble at all times.

Love yourself and everyone one around you like no other kid.


Just remember, I will always love you. 

I will always be here for you

and I am always a phone call away.

I pray that you have the best life you can ever have

and hopefully even better then any of us ever had.


Love, Your favorite auntie!

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