The Letters

Mon, 09/02/2013 - 13:28 -- paaiger


A little girl

Fourth brithday all alone

Her father was supposed to come, 

for the first time.

He has never been there

for them.


He left them when she was born.

He has sent her a letter for

every birthday, Christmas, Easter,

abd Thanksgiving.

Telling her how sorry he is.

She was too young to understand

them then.

so her mother saved all of

the letter to show her later.


When she started asking questions

about her Dad,

is when she finally

showed her all of the letters,

he wrote to her.


Her mother explained how she

didn't want him in her life

if he was just going to

runaway when things

get rough.


wanting to know more about

this man who wrote her these letters.

She went on a search for him.

And with the information her mother had,

She finally was able to find her





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