Dear Ethan, Was it love?

I write allot of letters to you. All letters ill never send. I try not to cry while writing theses letters. Its stupid to cry over a boy. But i cant help it. One single thought of you..of us tears me me apart. The feelings i had for you were beyond real.It wasn't the usual butterflies. It was like the warm feeling you get on Christmas morning. Or like watching a summer sunset in deep thought. so many things i could relate this feeling to. I don't think it was love. Can true love be one sided? It might have been love. But i don't know.I don't really know what love feels like. But maybe love was the feeling i got when i was with you. I loved being around you. I loved the way we could completely be ourselves around each other. I loved the way you talked to me when it was just us to. I loved the feeling i got when you would stop mid sentence and looked into my eyes. I loved the awkward morning car rides to school. I loved hearing you talk about your faith. I loved every moment with you.

Is that love?


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