To: You Know Who You Are

To: You Know Who You Are

This is the last letter I’ll write. 

It’s too hard to be around you

and know that you might know

but not know if you actually know

and how you feel about it. About me. 

About the fact that I think about you

and write poems for you. You know 

these things about me but I don’t

know if you reciprocate my feelings. 


So this is my goodbye. 

I will see you often and 

wonder what life could have

been like. We would have fit together

really well. You would be my 

Troy and I’m your Gabriella. 

You’re Romeo and I’m Juliet. 

Loves that fit so tight that they would 

die for each other rather than be

without their love. We were supposed

to be one of them. 


I tried so hard to tell you. 

Every time I tried, I couldn’t get 

The words out. I don’t know if I 

even really wanted you to know

and because of my indecisiveness

I didn’t tell you. To have you find 

out this way is absolutely humiliating. 

If I hadn’t written the first letter, 

you wouldn’t know and we

would still be fine. Still be friends. 


Goodbye, You Know Who You Are. 

I won’t write again but I hope to

see you around and still have you

wave to me in the halls or after

cross country practice. I hope we

can work through this and become

friends again. Please forgive me. 


Bye friend, 



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