Dear Mr. Entertainer

Dear Donald Glover,

You inspire me, you enlighten me, you make me want more. Entertainers are so black and white, but you aren’t so blight. Out of all the comedy stand-ups i’ve witnessed, out of all the music i’ve heard, out of all the television i’ve watched, your content and your wit never fails to make me happy. I have been struggling the last year or so on what I want to pursue, but after learning about you and what you do nothing makes me more satisfied or confident on what I want to do. I want to create. I want to spread the way I feel to others, no matter the number. I know the pressure is massive, the crowds overwhelming, truly in a class of it’s own, the most distressing of professions. I know the degrading mental cancer that is entertainment but I simply can’t think of another profession that would carry me emotionally and mentally and I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, however I do hope you’re in bliss.

From one out of many fans,

Justus Cusack

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