Letter to a Friend

Mon, 12/11/2017 - 16:52 -- Dori

Dear Sad Girl,

With the sad sad eyes,who pretends to be happy but inside wants to die. Here’s a note for you to read when your worries come like a stampede.

I am grabbing your hands, staring into your eyes, saying you are okay. Take a deep breath, pain will fade. Look at me! Look at me! Not into the dark. I know it’s tempting but there are no sparks. You won’t light up, you won’t shine bright. Stay out of the dark. Stay in the light.

How many times do I have to tell you that I love you for you to believe it. How many times until you receive it? I love you. I love you. It hurts when you cry. Sad girl, dry your eyes. I hope you read this as you sit on the floor. I hope it inspires you more and more. To see this and know you are loved and treasured. To read this and be reminded of your powerful soul and resilient heart. Your mind is just as strong, that’s why it can drag you along. But don’t you worry! Don’t you fret. Who you are is not something you’ll forget. You’ll see it in your eyes, you’ll see it in your art. You’ll see on the days you feel you’re falling apart.

Now with all that being said. I hope this made you happy. I know all your dreams will come true. You’ll achieve all your goals. Right now there are just bumps in the road. But the road will smoothen out. And it’ll be the time of your life. And if you ever can’t find the light, be it yourself. The road is yours to travel. And if you’re ever so sad that you lose faith in everything. Here it is, right here  <3. I’ve found it for you.

Let me say I love you again. Sad girl relax. If you feel alone, you have a friend. If you need someone to lean on, with this letter you can pretend, that you have the deed to the house that trapped you between the rock. And the furniture there is yours for the leaning.

Sincerely,  A Sad Girl

P.S. I love you.

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