Line Tie

I put my life in a pizza box and mailed it off to some

Lonely night owl living in his mother's 



I wrapped it with a nice cheese topping

Bacon too, but no sausage

Sauced and ready with puffed crusts like my dad and

Those games we played as kids


He wolfed down slices between genius hacks of

Blatent bits and cons that lead to

Grocery store mushrooms and open light storms


He was unaware of the driver

Who wasn't there and never came but knew

Something was off when the crusts weren't loaded

As often ordered in his daily routine


There we stood facing each other he at me but I

Was nowhere to be found

Staring in a new independing plate


No life was mine that I had not lived and

No life was his that he had not seen

We were two in perfect harmony

But never spoke a word


I sent my life in letters to the ones who

Never see, sitting in their parlor windows

Contemplating th noise


My penmanship is pristine but never

The same, it changes so as to not attach

The papers to my



They stare and stare in the open air

Glassy with degradation rolling over

My life of inks and trees


There is one I wrote so hard the

Words were felt through the page

That is the only one that had a moment to 

Be noticed


I sent them out in pairs of three

Often on a lightning whim

Of forced eye candy and lonesome lids


No life was mine that I had not lived

No life was theirs that they had not seen

We were set in perfect harmony

But never spoke a word


I wrote my life in papers that I thought would never go anywhere,

And though they did go nowhere

My life just went on writing


They never say what neurons send

In undecifered

Cells, longing for a new way

Some MRI of thought


They go in books and fill up packages

My fruit cake rotting clean

Straight Boston running fastly, swift fire


There is no time to write no more

And my grades do show it sadly


Quietly in Professors' nightmare


No link held them together, their mad words

Fringing cop cars

Lighting up the world


No life was mine that I had not lived

No life was ours that we had not seen

We were put in perfect harmony

But never spoke a word

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