The Time to Repy

I am writing this letter to show you

That romance is far from dead

And the things that drove us apart were birthed

From the doubting inside of our heads

That sappy, soppy, longhand letters will follow wherever you roam

And I hope you’ll forgive all the things that I did

I’m writing to bring you back home

I know you’re quite busy, but even so I

Do hope you can find the time to reply


I hope that I misinterpreted

Your words, which near made me melt

That “I never want to see you again”

Was a mask to disguise how you felt

My world is turning to black and white

In the spaces that you used to fill

I’d not realized there were so many of them

I smell your perfume in them still

I know you’re still angry, but wish you would try

And hope you can find the time to reply


Hello? I have waited for chances

To tell you what I should have said

I’ve grown cold in the wake of the absence

Of the warmth from your side of the bed

This city grows lonely without you

The birds will not sing their refrain

And the air is all thick with the dampness of fall

But I know how you like this much rain

I keep writing for answers - with not a clue why

But I hope you can find the time to reply


The flowers around me are wilting

As the clutches of winter press on

I used to think this was a natural thing

But they wilt cause they see that you’re gone

I know how you loved the snow this time of year

As the streetlamps are covered in pale

So I’ve attributed the absence of letters from you

To an inefficiency in the mail

I hope that you’re happy, I hope you don’t cry,

But I so hope you can find the time to reply


I now know there’s no fault in the mail

To spare the pain I have foregone

And I know that it’s selfish to hope you’re still sad

But I sure hope you haven’t moved on

It was foolish, I guess, to think that

Writings letters was anything but dead

But this will be the last one I write you

Though I know it may never be read

It’s now very clear that this looks like goodbye



I hope you can find the time to reply


This poem is about: 
Our world


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