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He ran to each car with roses in his hand, The pain in his eyes is hard to understand, No money ! No ease , just despair! Helplessness wouldn’t even let him breath fresh air,
The gritty, hot yellow sand The cold, salty ocean  The warm, swirling breeze With the beautiful palm trees The big, bright, blinding sun
  Being born in one of the poorest countries,  The remembered day, when the ground shook on the 12th day of January, reminiscing myquestions “...why is the ground shaking”?
I had it easy Like a breezy walk through the plains Sun shining Rainbows glowing   Along came a hill A quick ascent
I was raised with all the correct tools resources, books, experience.  Yet, I struggle.  Struggle to realize I schedule my own doctor's appointments, swipe my own card at registers, Pay for my own gas. 
Growing up is difficult. Growing up in a third world country is also difficult. Moving away was hard. It wasn't easy. I dont think it'll ever be.
Hold on tight, do not let go The fall might be a wrecking blow. The rope hanging, unable to bear, The threads pulling, threatening to tear. While you hear the lines' last call to rip,
I need a job I need a life I need you   Far from perfect we are born With some of us feeling more privileged than others The one commonality we share is disappointment  
You are my life You are my friend I miss you so much Deep down I blame myself for everything It is my fault I lost contact with you I lost you I will always see you as my big bro
Dear Little Kaylee, If only you knew what your future holds, Your accomplishments, your heartbreaks, Your best and worst moments. You will encounter hardships, But they will shape your character
To the girl who thought yesterday was today, She lowered her gaze, Her old ways haunting her. She withdrew her hand, Her presence in all absences. She bent her knees, Her fantasies shattered.
Only purest of hearts and most loved of lovers Know what it means to lose the other. Can people not tell?
As if the endless white fields were not good enough,The mist rode in and seeing became tough.What else will god do to make life rough?Maybe he won't send more p
She is afraid of fading into history of being an unknown story among the classics of forgotten churchgoers who live on their knees   She doesn't know how she's going to pay the bills
Senior to Freshman all over again The end of something old The start of something new Tiptop shape to Crippling from the outside in
365 days that changed my life forever It was challenging, heart-breaking, and tough I wish I could reverse time, no doubt, whatsoever Life had never been so rough   So many beautiful lives were lost
Heartache- Strain- And when sometimes all I want is to finally break The sun still comes up.   Regret- Despair- And when there's times I'm certain that I'm just a dumb burnette
Where were we in that past life?    This is no run of the mill fast life   Getting up around seven and getting back past nine     Enough to make the irrational type     Practical  
Why does there have to be sadness in the world? I guess sadness builds character in people It makes them stronger Through hardships, comes good things
This is for the kids who walk in the hallways with thier eyes cast towards the floor This is for the kids who play alone on the playground during recess, kicking the wood chips beneath your sneakers, waiting for that bell to ring
Money (An English Translation of my German Poem : "Geld") Laying by a tree with my head hung. Many birds fly above and I think "Why can I not fly?"   Life with no wings
All the lights we can not see, All the music we can not hear, All the memories we can not remember Are the shadows of a life unpursued. Are ripples in a pond with no reflection.  
IncomparableMysticalMagical It is so UnattainableEnlightening DeluxeIn every way Keeping the actions of the brokenAt bayIt is like walking into an open field 
It started off with the alarm, alerting that my day had just begun. The iPhone yelled into my ear causing my dreams to be undone. I got dressed and brushed my teeth, curled my hair and went down to eat.
My life, is a ship lost at sea, with the wind raging and waves tossed up at me. On a course unset, with the sun set beautifully. That light in the distance is my little fix that I use to see.
New steer, New me. Thoughs clear, Now I see.   Now I'm older, Epiphanies never end Now I'm wiser, My experiences can defend   No longer naive No longer pure
My feelings are rewritten and straining as I see others struggling to make it in life The winds in my heart are changing   I remember when my opinion of the world was so loving, so unbending
The struggle is here, the struggle is now.
I am me  You are you We are different in more ways than seem true  You are not perfect, and neither am I, You are thin, and I am wide.  But while all of this is true,
He desired to be numb and cold
As I drive, watching my city streets roll past me I see the tear stained faces of broken homes And children being raised by strangers. I see the garbage cluttered streets of SE,
Back in the day i wouldnt even know this is you Every move, every word is brand new Your love for me you aint even gotta prove cause you see it in me, i see it in you
Darkness circles the area of the box I'm in! Them, they only see me standing there in glory, open space, with a smile as bright as sin,
Between the world outside, and, the world my eyelids can't hide, refuge is found Peace in the most minimal amount   Escape the prison of my mind and the scary world outside
Life, right? Everyone always says to embrace it, to live it and to love it, that we will never be as young as we are in this moment, to live with no regrets, that life is so precious.
I am a good person. Im telling myself that because I know I am a good person. Well, to be self-honest, to keep the truth before my tired eyes: maybe its just my appearance. My persona is often oppressed and affected by other personas.
Oh struggle, my true friend and enemy Oh how you ruthlessly hurt and help us Oh my hated foe and valued ally Oh what a paradox you are thus     You give us both triumph and tragedy
I don't know what got me in this position.
I am forever trapped in the storm of iniquity Lightning flashes Tunder ulvulates Wind wraps around my body like a whip Rain splashes agaist my face My heart pulsate with every lasting second
I do not see your physical body Your physicality is beautiful beyond measure Your personality eminates frequencies of joy beyond conception Your character stands tall with virtue and honesty
Should I stay, Should I go, Should I pray, Even for a foe? Should I walk, Should I run, Should I talk, Show my ideas a little sun? Should I stand tall, Should I crumble and weep,
At sixteen years of age, in some ways I am not the girl I once was. I am not the care-free little girl who had no qualms. I am not the girl whom making friends was the easiest task in the world.
When you start off young you see yourselfan astronaut among the starsor driving in all the fancy cars. You never know what mess you’ll get in
Shuffling woes and dragging my feet the static cling of innumerable issues being unavoidably faced...all at once is my fate   The fault was mine  
My world has shattered,
My life is full of love and care but to say it is perfect ...i don't dare, I can't say i am desperatly sad but the lack of happiness drives me mad, I've been very patient all of these years
Every family has its ups, Every family has its downs, Every family has its smiles, Every family has its frowns. Every family has its sunshine, Every family has its rain, Every family has its happy,
This flower, so seemingly frail yet so brilliantly red, her petals are frayed and yet her stem holds fast to the unyielding concrete she strives to grow from.
Me I am one of a kind I should have been an actor with a poker face like mine As I wake to the rising sun every day, i prepare myself for the battle which lie and mask am I going to use today?
  Where I Am From   I am from the unknown in what’s known. Roots for many simply ignored. Sky blue and white,
You know that moment you feel wounded and broken? You say something easy and fine and they look at you with a blank line.
I was labeled a nothing from the time I was born, No one seen a future in me, so my heart always remained torn. "You're stupid and wont get far in life" is what I was always told.
It is hard knowing we’re this far apart, doing nothing, but missing each other.   The space between seems simply elongated, making it hard to think properly.   Want you here, holding me in your arms;
The "Road" ahead was chilling,      but my willpower was high. My goals, if God be willing,      Would stretch up to the sky.   In seeming despiration,      I watched it slip away.
She has magic in her hands The wand is her pen She delicately draws the lines Then she eloquently makes them refined She doesn’t do it to waste time She does it to clear her mind
(poems go here) What is a mother? What is my mother? What is she? Can someone tell me? No, well mom you tell me Tell me, what I am supposed to see? Is it perhaps love? Well no it cannot hun
The pumping glass stone, Tossed and dropped and shattered, The pain is felt and reflected through orbs Anguish! Pain! Sorrow! Strain and pressure, the stone may die, but it doesn’t And soon,
I do realize that everything is not all right. However, I decided to go with it. I came to college to get an education. Even though I’m not doing so well, I am still getting educated.
What if the harmony of saints and sinners / Broke in moments o’er passing of bread? / Temporal and shallow, this generation envisage / Martyrdom, not white but red /
Hate litters the street tripping cause the feats are too large packing people in clubs like clown cars traveling far on an illusive high trying to get by, leading to windows down
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