She's a Survivor

She has magic in her hands

The wand is her pen

She delicately draws the lines

Then she eloquently makes them refined

She doesn’t do it to waste time

She does it to clear her mind

When the lead touches the paper

Picasso is in the presence of a lady

The art is prescribe to keep her from going crazy

And shit’s been thrown at her lately

So much frustration

She’s screaming “God please save me!”

Preaching to the church for an Angel

To guarantee her safety

Parents fighting on the daily

Raindrops from her eyes

Soak her pillow in the night

She goes for the pills

To help her fight

But she should take another way to see the light

Each pen carries her feelings

You can see from her drawings of all the shit she’s been dealing

The majestic colors she uses

She strokes the brush and makes the paint fuses

She can say life’s shitty

And she got every excuses to use it

Hoping that she won’t one day lose it

No matter how much they call her a nuisance

She’s not alone and she knew this

Her friends are always there to push her through it

They keep her together saying “you can always do this”

If happiness doesn’t come then screw it

A drawing is happiness when she drew it

The pain and sorrow is in her art

She gives final touches of love

From her defiant heart

Not only is she beautiful

She knows she’s smart

Smart to handle everything when calamity starts

It’s a heart breaking story

Though her drawings show glory

She conjures up life in her laboratory

Her art shows her unique nature

Courageous at heart

Strong all over

She’s still standing and smiling

Even when it comes to the past right before her

Comes back to haunt her

She’ll become happy forever

Now that she know pain

She’s still dry in the rain

Now that she knows sorrow

She will live life of a pharaoh

Now that she knows life

She can strife for what’s right

That’ll keep her asleep at night

Knowing she won’t wake up from a fight

She has the light

And that light is her art

She shines bright in the darkness

She’s a person who’s far from heartless

These sketches are her thoughts

These drawings show her emotion

They give her enough joy to drown the ocean


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