Then and Now

Back in the day i wouldnt even know this is you
Every move, every word is brand new
Your love for me you aint even gotta prove cause you see it in me, i see it in you
14 years old, didnt even think this could be true
18 and im still in love with you
We had fights and many break ups i thought we were through
Tryna move on and i always ran back to you
Left you for good and found someone new
Tried to love him the same way i did you and that was the tough part too
To bring someone else into my mess
He loved me and i could care less
Every day i wished he was you loving me and kissing me just like you
Got myself tied up when all it was, was me missing you
Early morning and i got a phone call about you
You and ya boy got caught up and that had me all fucked up
I read your letter over and over and right there i knew you were my lover
My king, my life, my world, my other half
We got you home after that month passed and then, then you were mine
Now im getting ready to say goodbye
Just a couple weeks left and i'll see you in time
Til that day, i will be your queen
Your support, your spine, anything you need
Through it all our love wont rest, im by your side cause we said til death 



Just so reader's can understand: this is something i wrote when my boyfriend got sentenced. We've been together for 5 years. It's not my best piece but it means a lot to me and it came from the heart. Feel free to comment and share this. I love feedback. Anything to make me a better poet please let me know :)

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